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Registration is open!
 Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School coming to
Golden Colorado
July 7, 2024 - July 13, 2024!

Talk to your local union today about attending 2024 Labor School!
Space is limited and is filled on first come, first serve basis!
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Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School is the most comprehensive and dynamic training program for labor leadership development. No matter the role you play in your local union, the skills and knowledge provided throughout the week will make you a stronger and more informed activist in your workplace. Talk to your local today about attending the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School in Colorado, in summer of 2024.

Our vision for the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School is to develop the premier labor activist training program in the Western United States; affiliated with or through other labor colleges and universities that serve union members.

Our vision includes a curriculum where each trade unionist can develop their personal skills as a labor activist. We envision our program establishing a learning environment where labor activists can talk to and learn with their counterparts from other locals, other unions and other states regarding their personal experiences in the labor movement effort, to build on what works best.

We recognize this experience may be a student's first or only opportunity to learn about labor issues, so we take our role seriously, aspiring to make this experience both enjoyable and enlightening, while remaining a good value for the time and dollars invested.

We see each student and each Local as our customer and we will strive to maintain or increase our customer's satisfaction so they are delighted with their investment and their experience to the level they will endorse the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School to everyone in their organization.


We will continue to look for ways to increase the value of our program through the addition of new and innovative approaches to the education of labor leaders.

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