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Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School was founded on December 12, 1956, as The Rocky Mountain Labor School. The following year, the first annual GCRMLS was hosted in 1957 at the Alpine Rose Lodge in Brighton Utah. Local leaders, members, and union activists gathered in one location to learn, gain tools, and knowledge to do their role and their job better.

Every year after, the school has traveled expanding to the other Rocky Mountain States reaching all eight of the Rocky Mountain States, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, and Wyoming by 1974. 

These Rocky Mountain States are represented through the Board of Directors. Which is made up of the Executive Officer of each of the eight Rocky Mountain States AFL-CIOs. Our school has been officially endorsed by these state organizations. 


The purposes of GCRMLS are:

  • To provide students with information and training so that they make their organizations more effective for the promotion of the cause of organized labor.

  • To establish workers' education so that students understand the functions of organized labor and be able to contribute more to the building of a stronger labor movement in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas.

  • To create an environment for students, whether they are Union Leaders, Union Members, or Union activists can come together to have fun and enjoy the experience!

Our Curriculum includes core courses such as Labor Law and Labor History with elective courses to elevate union member skills, no matter the roll you play, in the Labor Movement!  

The GCRMLS instructors are a large part to the school. As leaders, they believe in the labor, Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School, and have a vast amount of experience in the Labor Movement to share. 

In July 2003, The Rocky Mountain Labor School was renamed to Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School, honoring Grace "Gracie" Carroll for all her hard work and dedication to the Rocky Mountain Labor School. 

See location history here!


Who Is Grace Carroll?


Grace "Gracie" Carroll 

Past Coordinator

Rocky Mountain Labor School 

Tuscon, Arizona

Grace was born on December 17th, 1930 in Evanston, Illinois and moved to Tucson, Arizona in August of 1942. Grace (better known as “Gracie”) attended Mansfield Jr. High, Catalina Jr. High, and graduated from Tucson High in 1948. She attended the University of Arizona for two years and was a member of Gamma Phi Beta. Gracie began her labor career in 1953 with the formation of the Operating Engineers Local #428, Women’s Auxiliary, where she served as President. She then worked as a volunteer for Labors’ League for Political Education — AFL and then joined the Office and Professional Employees Local #319 in June of 1956; where she served as Steward, Vice President and President. Gracie was also a member of the Communications Workers of America Local #8526 and AFL-CIO Field Representatives Local #3017.

Gracie wore many hats through the years including: Director of Pima County WAD-COPE and Arizona State AFL-CIO WAD-COPE - Director for the southern half of the state; Secretary- Treasurer for the Southern Arizona Central Labor Council; Education Director for Arizona State AFL- CIO; the first woman elected to the Arizona State AFL-CIO Executive Board; and Vice- Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee. 

In 1973, during the National AFL-CIO Convention, Gracie was volunteered to help run the Rocky Mountain Labor School. Gracie worked with the AFL-CIO state elected officers of the eight Rocky Mountain Western States and beginning in 1975 was the first female field representative for the National AFL-CIO for the Organization & Field Services Department, representing nine western states. She was promoted to Assistant Regional Director, Region XI, in May of 1986, representing Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.

For over 40 years Gracie was a loyal and proud union member. Through these years, Gracie unselfishly assisted many union members and union families in need and volunteered her personal time to assist many unions across the states. Although Gracie officially retired in July of 1996, she continued to coordinate the Rocky Mountain Labor School. For 29 years she dedicated her life to improve the lives of all workers through the Rocky Mountain Labor School and continued to do so through the last few days of her life. The Rocky Mountain Labor School — 2003, acknowledges the hard work, dedication and accomplishments of Grace Carroll. Gracie will be dearly missed by all!

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