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STEWARD TRAINING - Prerequisite for Arbitration Seminar

The strength of your union rests in its members! Recruitment and education of new activists in the role of Shop Steward is one of the most important front line defenses in keeping and advancing your hard earned rights. This workshop is for anyone interested in building and strengthening your union. New Shop Stewards will learn the mechanics of being a steward and what happens in real world situations. Stewards that have stepped up and have only learned by trials and tribulations will get the tools to sharpen their experience and help them become more effective. This class is also a great refresher for those stewards who needed to step away for a while and have come back to the role.

The goal of this class is for students to leave knowing the basic skills and duties of a Steward, the Duty of Fair Representation, deciding if an issue is a grievance or a gripe, what a DFR is and steps to avoid them, grievance handling: the best and worst practices, investigation practices, information rights and requests, discussions and meetings with management, writing grievances and past practice, what “Just Cause” means and what arbitrators look for, and some contract interpretation principles.


If you feel management has been beating up your members, it’s time to learn how to prepare an even field of union representation with GCRMLS Steward Training!

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