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Internal Organizing means building the strength of your union through recruitment of new members and through maximum participation and involvement of all members.   


Recent years have been difficult for labor unions--with a climate of union-busting growing among employers, and with so many right-to-work states and anti-union laws.  These times are also encouraging, as workers in sectors from Amazon to coffee shops to the tech industry to transport organize. Strikes are up!   


Since employers always try to weaken our unions, we must face the challenge and commit to revitalize our locals and renew our members' commitment to our unions.  When our unions are united, with strong, visible member participation, the employer's power is matched by our union power.  Internal organizing is the key to strength and success for local unions in many of our most important activities, such as contract bargaining, winning grievances, correcting workplace problems, lobbying and supporting our fellow workers and communities.   


Learn how to organize to strengthen your union, from the ground up.  

This course is taught by Norine Gutekanst

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