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This first course in collective bargaining will provide knowledge about collective bargaining. It proceeds by going step by step through the process of preparing for the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement. It includes every aspect of preparing for negotiations and takes the process from the time a negotiations committee is chosen until the time the committee walks into the room to meet with management. Gathering information (except economic data which is covered in the second course in collective bargaining) to use to prepare proposals is emphasized, as is the writing of proposals. Proposal analysis is discussed. The course is designed to help all participants, those with and those without actual bargaining experience, to develop a systematic approach to prepare for bargaining. Those with some actual bargaining experience will be able to critically think about and improve what they have done in past negotiations and to improve how they negotiate in the future. The model developed is readily useable by all bargainers, whether in the private or public sectors. Selected tactical and strategic problems that are sometimes experienced in bargaining are analyzed including how to deal with an employer who does not want to reach any agreement with the union and the use of various economic pressure techniques to encourage an employer to reach a fair agreement.

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